emASPIDA - Counter Drone Jammer

ASPIDA is a Latin word for shield. emASPIDA generates an electromagnetic shield that denies entry of drones into a well-defined airspace. In principle. it creates a deployable sanitized No-Fly Zone (NFZ). ASPIDA is also an acronym for AirSpace Protection against Infinite Drone Attacks. It is able to handle drone swarm attack within its antenna coverage.

Using proprietory technologies developed in-house, emASPIDA can engage unwelcomed drones at a distance of 1.5 km or more. Yet, it is only transmitting jamming signals having peak power about 1W or less. Hence, it is safe for human operation.

emASPIDA provides a coverage of 90 degrees in azimuth and elevation respectively. It is wide angular coverage, allowing autonomous operation 24/7 without human intervention, unless required. All deployed systems can be controlled centrally without the need for operators on the ground chasing after drones.

It can be mounted on tripod for fixed installation, or vehicular mount for mobility. System can be customized for sectorial or 360-degree coverage, and transmission power can be tuned to manage engagement range due to operational needs.

In the near future, other ISM bands will be included.