Technological advancements in commercial drones have presented a new threat to the defence and private communities. Intrusions into key installations and strategic assets pose security breaches. Damage can range from political embarrassment to massive destruction delivered by rogue drones. Intrusion of drones into private properties becomes an invasion of privacy.

iCREDO is developing a series of systems to counter unmanned aerial systems (CUAS). At the moment, iCREDO is focusing on the engagement of rogue drones. Using proprietary technologies developed, iCREDO has revolutionalized the way rogue drones are engaged.

In the near future, drone detection capabilities will be included.

Please note that use of RF/microwave jammer is prohibited in most, if not all, countries, unless approved and/or used by government agencies. It is important that customers seek approval from the relevant authorities before procurement of such systems.

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