Founder's Memoir

Dr. Chew is the founder of iCREDO Technologies Pte Ltd. Having been Adjunct Associate Professor, he has accumulated nearly 28 years of experience in the field of Microwave and RF.

With his extensive knowledge in technical hands-on designs and competency in technological planning and management, Dr. Chew has singlehandedly amassed critical technologies for consortia of companies and research institutes in Singapore.

His vast experience lies in

  • Building microwave infrastructure
  • Manpower training in design, fabrication and assembly; and
  • Test and measurement

His academic qualifications, backed with years of design experience, allows him to design circuits, electromagnetics and systems concurrently to optimise the RF performance. With in-depth knowledge in designs of microwave and RF components, Dr. Chew has developed state-of-the-art microwave and RF subsystems optimised for performance, form factor and cost.

In the 1990s, he was personally responsible for driving Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) technology to a level by which it could compete with more technologically advanced countries then. Spearheading a consortium to focus on MMIC designs in 1997, he achieved 85% first-pass success in the designs. 

He also led the charge of a consortium in 2002 to improve Low-Temperature Cofired Ceramic (LTCC) packaging technology.

RF guided design model

RF antenna model

high-speed digital



 Some of his other achievements include:

  • Appointment as a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • 2000-2001: Appointment as IEEE Singapore Chapter Chairman in Microwave Theory and Techniques/Antennas and Propagations
  • Appointment as a Member of the organizing committee for international conferences
  • 2002: Winning the national “Defence Technology Prize” for Microwave Engineering by the Ministry of Defence, Singapore
  • 2003: Leading a team to win the “Defence Technology Prize” for a project by the Ministry of Defence, Singapore

He is also an active reviewer for major journals and has published 40 publications to date, including:

  • Analysis of Whispering Gallery Modes Using Finite Integration Technique
  • Small Signal Analysis of Active Circuits Using FDTD Algorithm
  • An Unilateral Injection-Locking Type Active Phased Array for Beam Scanning
  • High Performance Wideband MMIC Low Noise Amplifiers
  • New Class of microstrip Miniaturised filter using triangular stub