Company Profile

iCREDO was founded in 2006 with the firm belief of developing state-of-the-art RF and microwave components, along with sub-systems, to customers at an affordable price with faster turnaround time, accompanied by superior RF performance. This strong belief is reflected in the guiding light of our logo, adding value to our customers and society, and opening up new opportunities.

Over the years, iCREDO has developed RF and microwave components, and sub-systems and antennas that are held to stringent specifications and offered as COTS products today. These include power amplifiers, filters and miniaturised subsystems for industrial and experimental applications.

iCREDO has developed customised turn-key solutions in the form of systems and antenna arrays for customers, ranging from antenna to transceiver just before ADC/DAC.  

Some products are compliant to harsh MIL-STD with IPC 610D CLASS 3 production requirements. With iCREDO's strong design capabilities and wealth of design Intellectual Properties, it offers RF and microwave systems with maximum performance.